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Ultima Online : SAGAS


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We want to invite you to: UO Sagas – a new challenging (free to play) adventure made by some of the original makers of Defiance UO. Over 15 years combined experience in Ultima Online freeshard development. UO Sagas – A complete new world to explore, live and die. Our goal is to deliver a classic feel but unique experience for new and veteran players in a way we think Ultima Online should be.

You are welcome to dive into our lovely designed world, explore dangerous and rewarding dungeons, defeat bosses, fight epic battles, become wealthy and make new friends… or enemies… A fresh start, a new chance, a new legacy.

Classic Feel & New PVM System

Complete reworked PVM / boss & class system. Evolution pets, citizenship, quests and much more! We aim for a new but classic Ultima Online experience of risk and reward.

Custom Map

We've spend hundreds of hours designing our own custom map & five challenging dungeons for you to explore.

Defiance PVP System

The original PvP of Defiance UOR. CTF league, murderer system, town-wars and more to come.



  • UOR based freeshard
  • Felucca ruleset
  • Custom Map
  • Townwars
  • 6 unique PVM classes to level up
  • Citizenship system
  • Custom crafting & gathering system
  • Boss battles
  • Unique spawn / monster level system
  • Evolution pets
  • Achievement & title system
  • Enhanced gathering & resources
  • Housing
  • Soft skill-cap of 700
  • Hard skill-cap 720
  • Stats cap of 225
  • Full Loot
  • Defiance PVP mechanics
  • Militia PVP system
  • Fully automated PVP events
  • PVP & PK achievements
  • Murderer system
  • Casino & Poker
  • Luck system
  • Overhauled & new skills
  • Quests & rares

About us

UO: SAGAS is our vision of how we think Ultima Online should have been today, as if it was further developed with passion, without compromises  and especially a consciousness of what the player-base wants. Our goal is to create a new breathing world and extensive gameplay – a community of players that last. We don’t want to be another classic-uo-copycat and we are aware of the mistakes others have made.

UO:S has not been released by now and it won’t, until we are sure to deliver the best content and gameplay-experience we can provide. Therefore we have to make design decisions that consider a modern MMO needs but do not lose the classic Ultima Online attitude of risk and reward. We are focused on a good balance and connection between PVP and PVM content. We believe that one can’t go without the other and we are convinced that it should take some sort of effort to accomplish your in-game goals, if we want to provide you a persistent world.

SAGAS is made by some of the old makers of Defiance and loosely set in the UO:R area. It’s pvp is heavily inspired by the defiance PVP system, we think is one of the best out there. Regardless if you are a hardcore PVPer, crafter or PVMer – Whether you are willing to spend hundreds of hours or attend in our content just as a casual player. You will find you place in our world!

Are you with us?

How to play

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UO Sagas is currently under development and hasn’t been released yet. Please join our Discord channel if you want to apply for upcoming beta-tests and get the latest news.
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