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UO SAGAS – Open Alpha on June 23nd!

Exciting news awaits all those who have been eagerly waiting to take a closer look at UO SAGAS.The time has come! Our open alpha is heading into its second round, running from June 23nd to July 2nd, 2023. Prepare yourself for thrilling adventures in

Fire Island

Rising from the depths of the ocean, glowing molten rock gave birth to a mesmerizing island paradise. A breathtaking land full of adventure for brave explorers. Along with its impressive beauty, the Fire Archipelago holds a danger that is only kept u

Skill Masteries

Experience an immersive and challenging PVM adventure on UO SAGAS! Our unique Skill Masteries System allows you to combine different playstyles and create your own individual character – whether you want to be a powerful mage, strong warrior, t



Patchnotes: Patch 0.1.48

* The house placement features a house preview now * The house placement can not be used to place houses. It can be used to check for valid placement spots. * New housing rules implemented * New house gump implemented * House deeds feature “swi

Let’s break the silence!

First of all, apologies! We haven’t released some news for quite a bit. Not because there is nothing to tell. It’s kind of the opposite: We were busy as hell making progress for the shard! Our community grew to over 420 discord members! That make