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Patchnotes: Patch 0.1.48

* The house placement features a house preview now
* The house placement can not be used to place houses. It can be used to check for valid placement spots.
* New housing rules implemented
* New house gump implemented
* House deeds feature “switch facing” via context menu on supported house types
* Custom roads tiles now block house placements * Bankchecks show the value in a dotted format (i.e. 1.000.000gp)
* Treasure Maps: only show context menu options (like “dig out treasure”, “decipher”) when they can be used
* Redone all vendor related gumps
* Included vendor rental contracts + new gumps for it
* New context menu entry “secure this” for containers inside houses
* New “Lost and Found Officer” located in Moonvale Bank.
* Vendors can now be dressed via Paperdoll. The standard vendors cloths can not be used as player cloths and will vanish when taken from the vendors.
* The stuff (clothing given to vendors as well as items that were to sell) of decayed/deleted vendors can not be claimed back via house signs or the Lost and Found Officer
* General monster armor adjustments
* Town center of Moonvale was redesigned
* 1 new POI added to the overlands
* 1 new island for housing has been added
* 1 new island with a POI on it has been added
* Crossroads at Westwend has been redesigned and extended with buildings
* The game server was brought to dotnet7
* Merged ModernUO upstream bigfixes into SAGAS code

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