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Skill Masteries

Experience an immersive and challenging PVM adventure on UO SAGAS! Our unique Skill Masteries System allows you to combine different playstyles and create your own individual character – whether you want to be a powerful mage, strong warrior, talented tamer, or virtuoso bard. Gain experience while playing and distribute it to your character to continuously improve and make them even stronger.

At UO SAGAS, we strive to preserve the true spirit of Ultima Online. Our Skill Mastery System builds upon the existing Skill System, allowing you to choose your Primary Mastery and benefit from better armor values, resistances, or more damage in PVM context. With every new level, you can distribute your points in these attributes and make your character even stronger and more resilient.Additionally, you can choose two Secondary Masteries to develop your character further and level up unique special attacks and perks.

Discover the many interesting synergies in your specific build and cooperation with other players. Choose the right masteries for you and experience an unforgettable gameplay adventure.

Join us today and be a part of the upcoming open alpha in June 2023!

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UO SAGAS – An Ultima Online Freeshard. Are you with us?

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