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Devblog #1

  • We like to share another development status with you. Its been a while since we provided some information about our progress. The community is growing! That’s awesome! And thank you to all of you to be part of this project. But let’s get to the facts:

  • We improved our client a lot. Our benchmarks show, that its is 9x faster than the original ClassicUO.
  • A Discord Bot what interacts with the game server is ready and will announce news, statistics and other information about what is going on ingame.
  • Tooltips have been implemented for items. So hovering our mouse over an item will show some information.
    For players and mobs the overhead tags for Names, Guilds and stuff stay as they were.
  • The PvP templates have been extended: Its is still UOR based, but we brought in some new functionalities to skills that were not part of PvP tempates which grant some advantages.
  • A new stamina handling was been written.
  • We are done with buff foods that give passive hits and stamina regeneration, what balance out stamina losses from the stamina system and help dexer templates with stamina loss during fights (swing speed is stamina dependent). Buff foods are craftable with cooking skill.
  • The poisoning system was massively improved. For example food poisoning (also buff foods), lethal poison is craftable, poison infliction is only possible with poisoning on your character, cure chances have been adjusted etc.
  • We brought in a bounty system for playerkillers. Including a bounty board what will be available on every bank with the top 10 playerskillers of the shard. Additionally, playerskillers that are on the bountyboard will wear an overhead tag showing their bounty board rank.
  • Militias are implemented for the two PvP towns Volaria and Galvan (last name can change. We will have a vote for this shortly)
  • [15:31]* Our special hues and dyeing system is ready! You will find “Pigments” of special hues as monster loot. Those pigments can be used to craft hair/beard/clothing/furniture/backpack dyes from it. A unique system has never been seen on any other shard.
  • We are done with coding our skillscrolls/powerscrolls implementation. Overall soft skill cap will stay at 700. But it will be extendable to 720. For every skill there is a cap at 100 skill points. For selected skills, there will be skill scrolls to extend that to 120 (mainly for craftling, gathering or PvM related skills). Skills that will not be affected are “basic skills” like magery, evalint, resist, tactics, wrestling, fencing, macefighting or swordsmanship. * The recreation of all gumps are widely done and fit into our cooperate identity.
  • We are done with building our towns! Coldstone has already been introduced with a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkYHj_75gYk).
  • A video for Volaria (one of the two militia towns) is also done and has been released(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD62SJ4gdlI). The second militia town will be introduced after the name voting for it.
  • The first dungeon with 3 big levels is also ready! Its called “Crematorium” and will focus on undead mobs. Some screenshots of it have been already shard in the general channel. A video will follow too.
  • Our worldbuilders have already started with the next dungeon. First impressions are just as awesome as the first one!
  • We are currently working on a new way of loot generation. Based on a calculation regarding the monsters difficulty/overall strength as well as abilities and influenced by our luck system.
  • Additionally we are still working on our crafting implementation. We are changing quite a bit compared to regular OSI handling.

    Stay tuned for more information regarding this. We will open our doors for alpha testers again soon for a short period to give some impressions and most importantly collecting feedback from you guys. This shard is for you!

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