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Fire Island

Rising from the depths of the ocean, glowing molten rock gave birth to a mesmerizing island paradise. A breathtaking land full of adventure for brave explorers. Along with its impressive beauty, the Fire Archipelago holds a danger that is only kept under control by the surrounding sea.

We are overwhelmed by the tremendous response UO SAGAS has received so far! It is becoming evident that our map could reach its limits. That’s why we have expanded the terrain and created an extensive island atoll, providing space for dreamlike homes and new adventures. These captivating areas will be accessible in the upcoming alpha in June 2023. Do you want to be part of the next playtest? Join our Discord server today and experience the adventure up close: https://discord.gg/GXM5qhtCYD

UO SAGAS – An Ultima Online Freeshard. Are you with us? Reddit: r/uosagas

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