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Patchnotes: Patch 0.0.2 – 19.03.2022

  1. PVM changes:
    – New mob/ pets speed handling.
    – Added bufficon for Nightsight.
    2. PVP changes:
    – Carpentry now adds damage bonus to Qstaffs/Blackstaffs/Gnarled Staff.
    – Flechting adds damage bonus to bows.
    – Nerfed lumberjaking damage bonus for axes (according to 2 bonuses above).
    – Alchemy now grants bonus for pots duration (including Nightsight).
    – Explo pots damage with alchemy nerfed.
    – Nerfed insta hit (50% damage for mages).
    2. Other:
    – Removed transparany from public moongate gump.
    – Changed regs, runes prices on vendors to 4gp.
    – Fixes for statics/items flags/hights so that items that should block do block now.

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