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Hello UO SAGAS Community! We grew to 300 Discord members. This is so awesome! So its about time to give @everyone an update and provide a few details about our game mechanics:

  • We implemented a luck system based on (full lootable jewelry) you can wear. Those luck jewelry (rings, bracelets and necklaces) are craftable with ingots and gems as its main resource. Each piece has charges that boost your luck for an amount of time and gives a specific luck amount based on the gem type that was used for crafting the piece. Luck influences loot generation, crafting results and resource gathering but NOT damage calculation nor anything that is related to PvP.
  • We changed the resources. For Ores/Ingots, Logs/Boards as well as Hides/Leather there is a regular kind, a shadow, a copper, a bronze, a verite and a valorite one.
  • Gathering resources can not only be done by lumberjacking or mining, there will be also a more PvM based approach to get them as well as a way for thiefes to get hands on them. This additional gathering methods are currently in development and we will provide further details about them in the next update. The general plan is to enable different play styles to collect resources and add different ways to reach the same goals.
  • Our crafting overhaul is done! We already shared some screenshots about the new crafting gump in the Media channel. On UO SAGAS you will be able to craft magic weapons, armors and instruments. As well as craft tools in different materials that give bonuses on their usage. Crafting a magic item will be influenced by the metal you use, the crafting tool (and its material) that you used as well as your luck value.
  • With the magic crafting in mind, we re-balanced weapon damages and armor ratings of crafted and regular magic weapons you can find in monster corpses. (Bearbeitet)
  • To extend player dresses, there will be lanterns and torches (some hues as rare loot, others are craftable) as well as bless deeds for lanterns and torches. (the only items we are allow to be blessed are books, scissors and clothing including torches/lanterns)
  • Also for dresses: Like you know them from Defiance, we will bring back layered body sashes that can be worn over tunics or robes.
  • Magic instruments can provide skill bonuses for provocation, peacemaking and discordance.
  • Our new loot generator is also finished. It calculates gold and item drops based on the monsters attributes and adds potential rares depending on the region you are in as well as your luck value.
  • The first version of our duel system is on the alpha server.
  • For our playerkillers: If you are one of the top ten PKs on the bounty board, you will also “wear” a character title (like the guild or milita name) above your head, telling everyone that sees you your position on the bounty board.
  • New rare hues were added as Pigments (see former news for general information about Pigments).
  • The monster behaviour is currently redone to make them a bit more challenging. They do free casting (unlimited mana), do not lose stamina/swing speed during the fights. And we are in the process of making them act smarter based on fighting profiles as well. The design of special abilities that mobs will get is also part of this. (Bearbeitet)
  • All vendor prices have been redone. And are connected with our crafting system. So the prices on NPC vendors are calculated by the amount of resources an item needs when a player crafts it. All other prices have been manually adjusted and are higher then you know them from OSI. That was part of the decision to fight inflation from the very beginning. All Regs are at 4gp, a piece of cloth at 4gb (=1bandage).
  • Our worldbuilders gave full speed and changed Westwend to a very nature inspired town that looks awesome (See the video: https://youtu.be/GOP7N3i-5tY)
  • The newbie dungeon with 2 big levels is done – we will provide screenshots of it soon.
  • Level 1 of the next dungeon, with a more hell/lava orientation, is also done, level 2 currently in the making. You guys will love it!
  • And finaly: We are preparing everything for another closed alpha phase that will start soon! If you want to participate, please reach out to @DRC1K who is in charge of selecting the testers. This shard is for you! Are you with us? The UO SAGAS staff

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