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Next Alpha Test from – 01 Dec 2022 to 11 Dec 2022.

Today is the day, we all have been waiting for

We are happy to announce our next Alpha period that will take place from 01 Dec 2022 – 11 Dec 2022. During this alpha you will have another chance to gain Alpha-Achievement-Points. These points can be used to claim special items on Server launch. A list of points that have already been accumulated (by accounts) during the last alpha period, will be released soon. We also want to encourage you to report bugs and come up with you expertise, wishes and suggestions. Our main focus during this period will the balancing of weapon damages and armor ratings, as well as base PVP mechanics and timers. We also need those numbers to have reliable base values for upcoming PVM-Class related testings. Therefore some of our dungeons will be spawned… some not. Nevertheless we also want you to give us your opinion on monster damages and general difficulty.

On the PVM side we also came up with a very advanced monster loot system that needs to be tested. Keep in mind that these Mobs will be only a rough idea of our final spawn on release. They also do not include any special ability right now. All other spawn will be disabled. Our new treasure and dungeon chest, as well as the lockpicking system, will be available.

During this alpha you will also have the chance to get an impression on our crafting, magic weapon & armor crafting, parts of the resource gathering, harvesting, cooking and the correlation with our luck system. A very early stage of the new exciting housing, vendor and vendor-rental contracts have already been implemented. We are very curious about our opinion on this! The majority of the SAGAS world will be free for you to roam. We also need you to investigate the map and report bugs. If you want to participate, make sure to have access to our Alpha-Tester-Channels. If you have not applied yet, please contact the staff in order to get access. Stay tuned for further information’s.

Thank you for your support!

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