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New Buccaneer’s Den

Arrr, ye landlubbers!

At the start of our journey, we realized that there can be no great Ultima Online adventures without a beautifully designed pirate nest. Buccaneer’s Den, a nostalgic isle known to harbor scallywags, rum-soaked pirates, and those seeking mischief. As depicted in the original OSI map, Buc’s Den is the perfect fit for SAGAS. However, like the classic map, Buc’s Den lacked attention to detail, had many design flaws that always frustrated us and just didn’t live up to our standards.

So, we have decided to give our “New Buccaneer’s Den” a complete overhaul:

We have rebuilt some of its structures to provide more space for player-housing. We replaced almost every texture to give it a more diverse and appealing appearance. Each building now has a specific purpose, proper decorations, and vendors. We have also added a multitude of custom artwork, vegetation, transparent water, and custom NPCs to bring this island to new life.Here is a sneak peek of our upcoming presentation video for New Buccaneers Den.

Stay tuned for more content, news & upcoming alpha-tests.

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