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UO SAGAS – Explore the Orcish Region of Vord Brulgar

Discover the iron-fisted world of the orcs in Vord Brulgar, where adventurers come to test their skills against the strongest orc warriors, explore the dangerous wilderness, and discover unique wares offered by orc merchants.

Explore Vord Brulgar, the Fortress of Orcs

n the far north, the orc race has built a fortress of immense size to dominate the surrounding lands and all who dwell within them. Vord Brulgar is the stronghold from which the orcs control the most important trading route, slaying all those who refuse to pay the toll.

However, the orcs are not content with just controlling the fortress and the trade route. They have established a thriving town, Grud Vurdal, within the ruins that surround it, as a testament to their resilience and determination.

Adventurers from all over come to this unforgiving land to test their skills against the strongest orc warriors, explore the dangerous wilderness that surrounds the town, and discover the unique and exotic wares offered by the orc merchants.

But be warned – the orcs are not to be trifled with. Those who seek to enter their fortress must prove their worth through combat or by paying for a “safe” passage.

Additionally, Vord Brulgar and Grud Vurdal will provide an Orkish ruleset, making it a lawless region with no mounts and restricted housing for orcs only.

With its rich lore and challenging gameplay, UO SAGAS’ Orcish region is an adventure waiting to be experienced. Join the ranks of brave adventurers who have tested their mettle against the might of the orcs and emerged victorious.

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