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We are recruiting!  

  • In our last staff meeting, we decided to extend our forces. We are looking for:
  • another community manager (this role should care about posting in social media, moderating in Discord, drive discussions here, plan and attend testing phases, push the coders to share details, organize interviews with staff members, create content to publish etc. In short: help this discord to become more active.
  • a world and dungeon spawner: work with the staff on spawning concepts for our POIs and dungeons and implement them. This role should be covered by a very experienced PvM minded person that played on several ultima online free shards. The kind of person who always knew in what dungeon which template was the one that fitted best. Knew all the mobs with their special abilities. Figured out the tricks to beat the strongest bosses or increase the personal gold/time rate. This role should help us create challenging dungeons spawns. Has ideas for mobs that our developers can implement and will be used to realize the concepts.

    Are you interested? Then please send Mr X your application via Discord, containing some information about you, the shards you played and your experiences that help you to help UO SAGAS. You do not need to have former staff experience.

    The next announcement will contain the dates for our next alpha testing weekends!
    Stay tuned! This shard is for you!

    The UO SAGAS staff

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