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Discover Moonvale


Discover Moonvale, the capital of Eren, a thriving city surrounded by strong walls and full of merchants and travelers. It’s the perfect starting point for any aspiring adventurer looking to begin their legacy in the upcoming open world sandbox, Ultima Online SAGAS!

As UO Sagas continues its development, our goal is to provide a classic Ultima Online feel while also offering a modern and unique MMORPG experience for both new and veteran players. Stay tuned for updates on the release date, alpha-playtests and be ready to begin your unforgettable UO SAGAS journey in Moonvale!

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UO SAGS – An Ultima Online Freeshard. Are you with us?

Reddit: r/uosagas
Website : [https://www.uosagas.com/](https//www.uosagas.com)

Website: www.uosagas.com

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